The Nightlife Protection Institute provides specialized security training for bar and nightclub personnel. Our training covers the key elements in protecting patrons and limiting the liability on the establishment. The training covers checking I.D's, running a line, camera placement, verbal judo, dealing with difficult guests, removing problem patrons, monitoring alcohol consumption for patrons, laws associated with the job, drugs and narcotics in the club/bar, conflict resolution, use of force, powers of arrest among other topics. Having trained personnel can lower your insurance rates and protect your investment. The class can be taught at any bar and nightclub. Class runs approximately 4 hours, contact for rates.


We also offer an "Introduction to Executive Protection" each quarter. The class runs 9am-1pm. The class gives students the basic overview of a career in Executive Protection. How to get started, where to find work, typical day as an Executive Protection agent, transportation of clients, advance work, money earnings, difficulties of the job, what to wear, threat assessment, licenses needed and  much more. This program is for anyone who has an interest in Executive Protection and is for all levels of experience from beginner to advanced. The class is limited to 40 people per class. 4 classes per year will be taught. It is recommend to register early. Contact for rates/class dates.

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