Daniel Collins is a premium full service security consultant covering all your specialized needs.

Mr. Collins received his degree in Criminal Justice and Private Protection Services at Moraine Valley College in Illinois. He is a highly recommended expert in the neutralization/disarming of threats and possesses exceptional demeanor and skills in client/public relations.

Mr. Collins is highly skilled in evaluating risks and emergent situations, responding effectively to ensure the safety of his clients. He regularly speaks at security conferences across the country. 

                                                                                 MR. DANIEL COLLINS

Daniel Collins has been in the safety and security industry for over 14 years. Mr. Collins is currently a security executive in Chicago, Safety Committee Chairman for high end retailers in Chicago, Law Enforcement Officer in the state of Illinois, and a corporate security trainer for many companies in the Midwest. Mr. Collins offers personal security consulting services for celebrities, executives, entertainers and has garnered experience working award shows such as CMT and the CMA awards, as well as other television series.  Mr. Collins is discerning with his clientele and will not work in any environment or industry that he deems inappropriate for his exemplary reputation. 

He has an extensive background in specialized security operations, threat assessment, and conflict resolution as well as extensive training and knowledge in the legal aspects of private security.  He has spent six years as the head of security for multiple bar/nightclub establishments.  He conducts security training for a number of different company security teams ranging from hospitals to retail environments. He has a degree in criminal justice along with certification in advanced executive protection and private protection services (PPS). He is a member of ASIS International and the North American Bodyguard Association.  He has also completed various courses on defensive driving and has seven years of experience in various martial art forms.‚Äč